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Our underwriters are always ready to speak to you about your specialist insurance needs, particular those risks which are unusual or hard to place.  Furthermore, we don’t hide our underwriters away in a dark, back office – they can be contacted directly by our broker partners:

Richard House
[email protected]

Niki Setchell
[email protected]

Real Estate
Graham Bailey
[email protected]


Travel Bonds
Niki Setchell
[email protected]

Daniel Wales-Harding
[email protected]

Tour Operators Liability
Jake Watson
[email protected]

Bespoke Schemes
Steve Craddock
[email protected]


We’re always excited to work with new specialist brokers partners.  Please complete the form and we will be in touch shortly.


    If you would like to purchase a First Underwriting policy, please get in touch with a specialist insurance broker who can sell you the policy.  You can find a list of brokers at:

    If you have a policy with us and wish to discuss your insurance, please contact the broker who sold you your insurance cover.  You should find their details with your insurance documents.

    If you can’t remember who sold you the First Underwriting insurance policy, you might be able to find their details on the website:


    We are committed to working in partnership with our broker partners to fight fraud.  If you suspect fraud has been committed, please get in touch with us: [email protected].

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