On 31st January 2020 the UK left the European Union (EU) with a withdrawal agreement and entered a transitional period which is due to end on 31st Dec 2020.

In order to give our broker partners the support they deserve, we are assuming that from 1st Jan 2021 that the UK Government will not have forged a Brexit deal with the EU– a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

In preparation for this eventuality, we have introduced a simple and straightforward Green Card Request process, on the assumption that customers will require a Green Card to drive their vehicles in the EU from 1st Jan 2021.  

How to request a Green Card:

Email greencards@firstuw.com with the following information and we will email the Green Card back to you.

• Customer's first name and surname
• Customer's policy number
• Customer's date of travel
• Customer's vehicle make

NB: If your customer needs to travel within 24 hours, please call us on 0333 305 8110

Key Points:
• You can request Green Cards for your customers ahead of their travel date or to coincide with policy renewals

• Customers will need to print Green Card using black ink on white paper (it can be double-sided)

• We will issue the Green Card to cover them from their date of travel through to their policy renewal date

• If the customer is going to be towing a trailer or caravan, the car insurer must issue 2 Green Cards (one for the car, one for the trailer/tourer)

• Drivers visiting Europe are likely to also need: an International Driving Permit (IDP) as well as their driving     licence, a Vehicle Log Book (V5C) and GB sticker on the rear of the vehicle. 

Further Questions? 
To find more about the issuing of Green Cards and the implications for your customers, please visit our FAQs.