Service Proposition

Please click on one of the links below to find details of the commitments that we make to you, the service that we will provide and details of our complaints process, should anything go wrong.

Our Service

Brokers have told us that first class, reliable service is essential to them. With this in mind we commit to the following service standards:

• Speak directly to our underwriters.
No robots, no call centres, just immediate access to our decision makers;

• Single service standard across all products and all touch points.
Each broker and each customer are as important as each other. We give the same level of exceptional service, regardless of the product and regardless of why you are contacting us; 

• Efficient quote service.
We will give quotes when brokers need them, not when it suits us. We aim to provide quotes on retail risks in under 3 hours and on commercial risks within 48 hours. If an answer is needed more quickly, then brokers can just pick up the phone to us;

• Use of live chat for quick and easy referrals.
Our live chat facility allows brokers to refer things to us or ask questions quickly and easily;

• All of our underwriting activities in single a location. For each of our brands, our underwriters and operations teams sit in the same location. This means that we will give you a seamless and consistent service;

• Accurate document processing.
We aim to get at least 95% of documents right first time;

• Self service portal.
We have a portal directly into our underwriting system which allows brokers to be self sufficient with MTA’s and document requests for all retail products.

Our Commitments

We are a truly broker focused business and evidence this through the commitments that we make:

• Our brokers have exclusivity.
As we only trade with a small panel of brokers, you can be assured of exclusivity, helping you to grow your business;

• Pragmatic approach to customer validation.
We will treat each case on its own merits and will be fair and reasonable in our approach;

• Treating all brokers equally.
We won’t place brokers in tiers or categories. Every broker is equally important to us;

• Broad risk appetites.
Because we are experts and we only work with the most specialist brokers we will quote for the most complex and unusual risks;

• Helping our partners grow their business.
We will work with our brokers to identify and target profitable books of business, specialist niches and emerging segments;

• We don’t charge MTA fees.
Unlike most insurers, we don’t charge fees for handling mid term policy changes;

• We will never cancel a policy mid term.
Unless the client has misrepresented their risk, we will never cancel a policy mid term.


We strive to provide an excellent service to all our customers but occasionally things can go wrong. We take all complaints seriously and endeavor to resolve all customers’ problems promptly. If you have a question about this insurance or complaint about your broker, you should contact your broker.

If your complaint is in relation to this insurance or a claim you should contact us as follows:  

Tom Donachie
Managing Director
First Underwriting Ltd
Part Level 15
The Gherkin
30 St Mary Axe
London, EC3A 8EP

If we cannot resolve your complaint straight away we will aim to resolve your concerns as soon as possible and we will keep you informed of progress while our enquiries are continuing.