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Our product has been developed over many years. It provides appropriate specialist cover to meet the needs of customers wishing to insure their caravan or trailer. We have worked closely with a major caravan club to ensure their members’ feedback is taken into account when making improvements and the wording is designed to be easily understandable for all customers.

The policy provides all risks cover for caravan or trailer units,contents, equipment, awnings and personal effects with sums insured tailored for individual customer needs. Where a customer changes their unit, the new caravan is automatically covered for 14 days.

In the event of an accident, repatriation cover helps get your customers home.

Loss of use cover pays up to £250 per day towards hiring replacement units or towards some alternative accommodation Public Liability cover is provided with limits up to £5m

If the driver of the towing vehicle is injured, the policy can pay the costs of returning the unit and family back home.

Should the customer be injured, the policy provides up to£20,000 in benefits. Similar cover is provided for physical injuries suffered by pets where veterinary bills of up to £500 can be covered.

Cover is also available to protect customers’ no-claims bonus. 

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Meet the Team

Our Underwriting team are highly skilled in the provision of bespoke insurance schemes for the outdoor leisure industry.

Chris Ryder Richardson FCII

Chartered Insurer
Head of Underwriting

Chris has worked in the insurance industry in general for many years but has been involved in the underwriting of the Outdoor Leisure classes for over 20 years.
07840 485675

Daniel Wales-Harding Cert CII

daniel.wales-harding@firstuw.com07876 231135outdoorleisure@firstuw.com

Dan has worked in the insurance leisure market since 2012 and for the last 5 years has been working as an underwriter on the Outdoor Leisure account. 

Working closely with brokers, the team have a proven track record of:

• Ensuring existing products are regularly reviewed to ensure they meet the continuing needs of customers and;

• Producing new products that are fit for purpose, easy to understand, competitively priced and profitable;

• Providing quick, clear guidance on referrals and queries

Insurers have provided the team with full delegated authorities that have been in place for many years.