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Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance

Protecting the personal assets and liability of directors’ &officers’ and senior personnel

We understand that as a director or officer of a company your liability needs are very unique and specific to you and the role that you are in.

With this in mind, our Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance has been tailored to meet your specific requirements. This product protects companies’ directors, officers and senior managers against claims that can arise from decisions and actions taken whilst managing a business.

Please be aware that in a claim situation a directors personal assets are at risk but directors cannot rely on the company indemnifying them. This is because such an indemnity is often in contravention of the CompaniesAct. Even without the stipulations of the Companies Act, no company will possess the capacity to provide indemnification to directors should it be insolvent.

We have a vast level of experience in providing Directors & Officers Liability Insurance and our skilled team can provide policies that provide limits of indemnity from £100,000 to £2m including entity cover at 50%of the limit of indemnity.

What we cover:
  • Corporate Liability
  • Company Reimbursement
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability